MIDI Thing V2

A flexible MIDI to CV converter. Allowing polyphonic notes handling, envelope and LFO generation as well as all available MIDI messages to be converted into CV.

Pony VCF

Space-conscious lowpass filter and volume processor.
A combination of VCF + VCA + Mixer that lets you mix three different sound sources.


A harsh and funky take of an additive Oscillator.
Pile up multiplications of your frequency to get a lo-fi-retro wall of squared sound!
The output of each is cascaded to the next one.

Latest NEWS
New Befaco Modules Launch Party! with DivKid & Elevator Sound EU
Synth East - DIY Workshop - Sun 25 Feb @ 11.00 AM - Norwich Arts Centre
MENT Festival Workshop: 20, 21, 22/02 - Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia)
Voltio - release December 7th