ChikiPower is a USB-C standalone Eurorack Power Supply designed to complement any DIY bench. ChikiPower can provide up to 400mA per rail with a 20W USB charger, making it perfect for driving small setups. Besides its tiny desktop format, Chikipower is a super reliable power supply offering over-voltage and short-circuit protection keeping your devices safe.


  • USB-C Eurorack Power Supply
  • Up to 400mA per rail (when using a USB charger).
  • Tiny standalone format.
  • Over-voltage and short-circuit protection
  • High-quality USB-C cable included


  • Measurements: 54x52x20mm
  • Power by USB version: USB 3.0/3.1 – 4.5W, USB BC 1.2 – 7.5W, USB Type C 1.2 – 15W, USB Chargers – up to 20W.
  • Number of power sockets: 3