Bananuts are 3.5mm anodized alluminium custom nuts. Presented in eight colors (Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow (goldish), White (silverish), Green and Black) and designed to provide your gear an extra layer of information and/or a touch of beauty!

These nuts have been designed from scratch, taking as inspiration some old-school slotted nuts and adding the color schema of Buchla/Serge Banana systems.

In Befaco we are big fans of banana connectors, and wanted to bring the customization and I/O color coding capabilities they offer. If we cannot bring you the goodness of stackability and endurance of the connector, at least we bring you the color!

Bananuts have been tested in quite a few modules and they doesn’t just look gorgeous: they provide a new layer of information to your modular system, making patching more structured and fun.

Rampage_bananuts Rampage_bananuts Rampage_bananuts

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