Spring Reverb

It´s been always discussed if electronic generated sound is less “realistic” than the acoustic generated sound. One of the main differences is the natural inclusion of the acoustic space where an acoustic instrument is played in opposition of electronic generated ones. A good technique to approach both worlds is to simulate the acoustic feeling of a closed space.


The reverberation (effect produced by the space where the sounding object is) is the sum of all sound reflections of a single sound, that reaches a point in different moments.

To simulate this effect we pass the sound through a spring via two transducers (one in each end). The sound will propagate and, thanks to the contraction and expansion capabilities of the spring, a series of reflections will be generated. These are very similar to the ones that are generated in an acoustic space.

This module  main features:

Two audio inputs. Both CV controlled plus slider control.

Two outputs

This configuration allows to feedback   “WET” signal back to the module via “IN2” either a straight feedback of passing through other modules before coming back to IN2.
Like this, with MIX control we never loose our original signal, controlling the amount of reverb and feedback on the mix.

It features a high pass filter at the input of the  tank to control the tone of the reverberations and an eventual saturation of the spring when we are doing a feedback.

There is a built-in Vu-meter at “WET” output to visualize level and eventual saturation of the signal.

Block diagram:





8 HP / 47mm Depth.
51mA +12V / 34mA – 12V Power consumption
Reverb Tank: 8BB2C1A



Asembly manual

Schematics PDF | CAD/CAM files


Asembly manual

Schematics PDF | CAD/CAM files


Asembly manual

Schematics PDF | CAD/CAM files


Asembly manual

Schematics PDF | CAD/CAM files


Asembly manual

Schematics PDF | CAD/CAM files






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