Our workshops consist of a working group in which each makes its own complete machine or some modules for a existing machine.

They are free workshops in the sense that everyone works at their own pace in the module you want from those available at that time.

In each workshop you will receive a kit with a step by step manual and all necessary parts .

You do not need any experience in electronics and we started from scratch , teaching welding and follow the manual like a sort of electronic puzzle .


– Do we need knowledge of electronics? No. It starts from absolute zero , even if it is good before going to the shop to try to read a little about it and be patient . Note that a modular synth is not a “Just one weekend project”

– What modules should I choose? This depends on each.

Basic modules that everyone will need are the power supply, Power bus and the output module and from there … well all depends if you already have a system to which you want to add modules or want to start to make you one

– How many modules I can make in one workshop? A normal rate , you can mount one or maybe two workshop modules , depending on their complexity and your experience / skill. If you want to do more modules and do not want to wait for the next workshop you can buy kits to continue working at home, and bring them to you to test at the next workshop .

– How many seats are in each workshop and how can I reserve one? When booking the place will have to reserve the kit or kits you want to build .

The reservation is made through this mail. (Remember to indicate on what city is the workshop you like)

– Case / rack for modules is supplied ?No. But if you want to hop a box on your own, we have aluminium rails and other hardware necessary to place the modules in it and can advise on how to build a box according to your idea.

– Will I need to bring tools ? Ideally bring pen, multimeter and a decent soldering iron.

If you don’t have these tools we can borrow some during the workshop.

– How much is the workshop? The price of the workshop is included in the price of the modules that you supply . This price varies from city to city depending on the cost of travel and accommodation as well as the conditions that contribute to host the workshop in each case.

If you want to check the price of a particular city please contact us

– What if the modules do not work? That’s why we ‘re there : )

– How many workshops are enough to learn how to build synthesizers ? say that three lifetimes are not enough, but you’ll learn enough to distinguish components , soldering, printed circuits and understand the basics (and you will build your own modules is clear ) . The workshops are resolved and raise questions but if you want to pursue the subject will have to jump completely in to it and putting in hours on your own. To help in this, is our forum, where you can ask any questions or anything that you arise (mostly in Spanish but we can also answer questions on English).

– Would it be possible that workshops in my city? It is possible if you can find enough people to make it worth going (about 15 people). We are open to suggestions so if you want to organize a workshop in your city please contact us.


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