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Sampling Modulator DIY Kit

TAX not included

DIY kit version of our multi-purpose module Sampling Modulator.
This kit have all the necessary parts to build including front panel and power cord
It includes Minijacks by default but it is also compatible with bananas (supplied under request at the same price)

In order to permit assembly with easily available tools, all our kits come with hex nuts and not with round nut as the assembled modules.

More info about the module and English/Spanish assembly manual available HERE

Worldwide Freeshipping.

By buying one of our kits you claim that you have the necessary
knowledge to properly assembly and solve problems derived from it.

If you need further technical assistance please use our forum (not the email)

In case you panic and cannot make it work you can get our “Happy Ending pack” that include technical service, parts and reshipping back to you.