Basic Troubleshooting

This guide tries to cover basic troubleshooting: Some simple steps that can be taken by anyone with a multimeter and some spare time. This document is continuously evolving, so you can expect modifications and updates.

These steps do not try to cover everything, just the steps that would solve the most common problems after a kit assembly.

When everything is assembled, and before plugging the module power in:

When all these questions have  positive answer plug it in, then…

  1. Double check the cable and power connection. It might be reversed.
  1. It might be reversed or placed in the wrong place. Double check this.
  2. Test for short circuits  or funky solderings.
  1. If no volts are present, double check power soldering points and paths for the ones that did not work.
  2. Use the multimeter to check continuity between the socket’s contact and soldered leg on the other side of the board.

See the flow chart below to help with these previous steps. You can also download it in pdf or dia formats.



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