FX Boy

A crazy idea with the support of a
bunch of crazy people.

A Multi FX module based on game carts!

Fx Boy is a multi-FX module designed in collaboration with several talented manufacturers. 

This is an effect unit with CV control over the parameters and Dry/wet control,  with a Built-in CV controllable four bands EQ.

Each effect is physically hosted in a hot-swappable game cart and designed by a different manufacturer: Touell Skouarn with Skuara a harsh fuzz with overdrive, Instruo with micro Phaser, a two-flavoured Phaser, Feedback modules with a vintage Flanger, XOR with FX-Girl, a digital double effect module: Delay + Granularizer, Making sound machines with an analog Wave folder, Tesseract with a bit crusher and Befaco Trash distortion!


What have these crazy people put in their cartridges?


Trash is a harmonic distortion that combines both clipping and folding flavours. Modes A and B will select between aggressive and more aggressive flavours!


The Feedback Modules’ Flanger cartridge has two modes: classic flanger with LFO speed and a Delay with time, both with feedback


Making Sound Machines’ Analog Wavefolder cartridge is a classic West Coast Synthesis circuit, designed to add harmonically related overtones.
This cartridge is excellent at adding rich harmonics to a basic waveform, and cool distortion to complex signals like drum sounds.
Its circuit can produce characteristic timbres similar to pulse-width and frequency modulation.


AVMA by Tesseract Modular it’s a bipolar VCA with one switchable wavefolder stage followed by an analog frequency reducer. The VCA gain is x2, it can be used with ±5V oscillator signals at the CV input for ring modulation effect.


Three cascaded all-pass filters, a built-in LFO and a saturator in the feedback path.
The purpose for this cartridge is to completely f&%k your phase up!
Instruō – We make sounds with the things that we make to make sounds with.


Eskuara is a feedback fuzz/overdrive circuit, created to distort and make noise.

The cartridge combines fuzzes and overdrive while incorporating feedback control for added experimentation and allows musicians to create a wide range of distorted and saturated tones, with the added ability to manipulate sustain and feedback for unique sonic textures.


FxGirl is the only girl cart in this boys’ club. But also the only intelligent cart around since she’s got a processing unit. So watch out FxBoys!!

Technical Specifications

  • CV control over all parameters and Dry/wet
  • CV controllable four-band EQ, routable post or pre-effect.
  • Selector for two different flavours of each cart.
  • Open specifications to design your own carts
  • Hot swap for all carts. (A tiny pop can occur depending on the cartridge design)


  • Current needs: +12V: 125mA, -12V: 100mA + Cartridge current draw
  • Width: 12 HP
  • Depth: 35 mm (including power connector)
  • Aluminium front panel.
  • Designed and assembled in Barcelona.