MIDI Thing V2 is a flexible MIDI to CV converter. Allowing polyphonic notes handling, envelope and LFO generation as well as all available MIDI messages to be converted into CV.
This is a huge upgrade from our previous beloved MIDI Thing, which adds a screen for easy configuration, 12 assignable ports, TRS, USB Host and Device, MIDI merge OUT, a web configuration tool, and a VCV rack bridge counterpart.


  • 12 Configurable ports
  • TRS type A MIDI IN and OUT, USB host and device connectivity.
  • Configuration screen with intuitive menu diving.
  • Web configuration tool.


  • Current Draw: +12V: 30mA, -12V: 5mA
    +5v : 120mA (It depends on the USB devices connected to the MIDI Host)
  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 30mm including power connector
  • Aluminium, heat-treated front panel.
  • Designed, kits prepared and assembled in Barcelona.