Our workshops are the best way to get modules learning in the process. They are working sessions rather than fixed structured lectures.
We accompany you in the process of assembling your modules, teaching you all the basic tricks so you can soon be a DIY ninja.


Do I need any knowledge of electronics?

No. We start from scratch, and will adapt to each participant’s needs and hunger for knowledge. Note that a modular synth is not a “Just one-weekend project” and DIY the path of the brave!

What modules should I choose?

This is really up to you!
Basic modules that everyone will need are the power supply, Power bus and/or the output module. From there … well all depends if you already have a system to which you want to add modules or want to start a new one.

Drop us mail for guidance!

How many modules I can make in one workshop?

At a normal rate, you can assemble one or maybe two modules a day, depending on their complexity and your experience/skill. Let us know in advance so we can guide you a bit.

How many seats are in each workshop and how can I reserve one?

A workshop usually has between 15 and 20 places, depending on the venue. When booking the spot you will have to reserve the kit or kits you want to build.
The reservation is made through our web Shop

Will I need to bring tools?

Bring a pen, multimeter, a decent soldering iron and some hand tools. If you don’t have them, we can borrow some during the workshop.

What if the modules do not work?

That’s why we‘re there 🙂

Do you want to organise one of our workshops in your area?

If you can find enough people to make it worth going (about 15 to 20 people). We are open to suggestions, so if you want to organise a workshop in your city, get in touch with and tell us a bit about your idea, we will be happy to advise you on how to go forward.

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